Wednesday, 5 January 2011

18. New Year's Absolution

Is there an average age when people no longer make New Year's resolutions, I wonder?  I ask because I make vague resolutions all year, not just at the end of December.  Or rather, I have so many failings that I go round muttering under my breath 'I must stop doing X' and I should do more of Y.'  This means by the end of the year, if I've tidied up my office, done some ironing, checked my bank balance, ordered in dog food, found almost-new coats, shoes or cashmere cardis at the local Kid's Fara shop, I feel I've done quite well.

This is of course, aside from the need to rebuild my career, do charitable works, be endlessly patient and to improve any strained familial relationships.

But New Year's resolutions?  I would like to absolve myself from this pressure.

And can I just share a photo with you?

The Tank attempts to take poor patient Purdey for a walk around the sitting room.  Magpie is scurrying around on the floor pretending to be a Dachshund.  As I say below, in 2011 I mustn't rely so heavily on a labrador to entertain my children. 

I do, however, have a 'to do' list for both my life and my blog.  'To do' lists are surely less pressurising?

Life 'to do' list

I will rebuild my career (as much as I can with two under two)

I must get my hair cut regularly (so it doesn't resemble Katie's from X Factor)

I will take control of my finances (well....this relates to the first point)

I must ignore Big Daddy when he's picking for a fight (and hopefully he'll ignore me too when it's vice versa)

I will not lose my temper with my mother (unless pushed beyond extreme limits??)

I shall do more interesting things with the kids than going to the park/playground/playgroup/playdates

I must not rely on my labrador to entertain the children (hard as it will be)

I will swim regularly again (Yoga is so much easier as you don't need to get wet)

This is what happens if you neglect that regular appointment with the hairdresser.  2011 is the year of  'too short is  better than too dry'

Blog 'to do' list

I will find the time (somehow!) to read other blogs, with consistency

I will remember to make things au courant (Christmasy posts at Christmas, Eastery posts at Easter, etc)

I must be more proflific (one post a week, at very best?  Come on, girl)

I will not be paralysed by the effortless humour, originality and brilliance of other bloggers' blogs

I shall become more technically savvy so that when another blogger wows me with her amazing badge, link capability, advertising, etc etc....I can match the competition (any blogging tutors out there???)


When I was in high-achiever mode, before I became a ditherer and later a mother, I once told a friend that we should all do something altruistic and something scary everyday, pushing both kindness and ambition (or fearlessness?) to the limit.

To use that awful modern term, that's a big ask, but is it possible?  Maybe weekly targets would be more realistic....

What do you think?


  1. A newbie here, great to find your lovely blog via Kate Takes 5.

    I dig the absolutions idea--I'm running with that for future December 31sts. In my opinion, if you manage to dress yourself daily and sally forth into the big complicated world a few times a week--in spite of two under-threes underfoot--then you're some kind of superhuman.

    Keep up the good work...hopefully it gets easier as they get older--at least that's what I'm counting on!

  2. Thanks for popping over, and thanks for following me. Love your blog - I just had a look and I (and all mothers of toddlers) I think are also Logistical Nightmare Specialists - let's call it the LNS for short! Kate at Kate Take 5 is a dreamy blogger, isn't she? definitely my favourite - I never miss a post now (although that says more about my time management than any inferior quality to other blogs). Will continue comment over at your place! :-)

  3. I happened to have last year's resolutions still on my Blackberry, and sadly they were exactly the same as this years, apart from one which was last year to join facebook, and this year I'm on a facebook detox. Absolution I say! xx
    PS.Commented back to you on my blog!

  4. I think I was too busy with two six month year- olds last Jan to even consider any resolutions! Well you can't do a complete Facebook detox because you've linked your blog to it, so you need to check for comments. Oh modernity is so tricky - we are so addicted that even if you want to do a detox social networking has made itself so indispenable that is a detox really a detox?!

  5. Wow big fab lists. Lots on those. With the blogging tutors - are you a member of British Mummy Bloggers. That is fab for posting and getting help. Or just tweet a request for help. I would offer but I am rubbish at the techy stuff.

    I think labradors are excellent child carers, I wish I had one for the my twinnies. My Mums lab is only 9 mths old so not too good at looking after the kids - much too frisky! lol

    Mich x

  6. Thanks for the tip re BMB. Yes am a member and joined a few threads but it's jammed my secondary email addr with so much stuff but will try again! Be patient with your mum's lab. Labs really are incredible with kids. Ours is chuffed to have two little friends who roll around with him, throw squeeky toys & make silly noises !

  7. I hate the way new year seems to put this extra pressure on us to do 'better' - the fact that you manage to fit ironing into your schedule means you are a high flying success if that helps at all! Happy new year to you and yours x

  8. Hmm well maybe I wasn't 100% truthful. Full response back over at your place!

  9. I think you have given me some more resolutions to add to my
    non list! I didn't make a proper list but have loads swimming round my head, on top of the ones I 'make' every year and ignore. I always end up doing what I feel like/ have to do anyway. Agree with everyone above just getting outbthe house with small children is enough! Lovely to meet you, keep seeing your name on the blogs above :)

  10. Just brilliant! I am in favour of the blogging once a week, for purely selfish reasons, as it brightens up my day! F x

  11. Alexander Residence - thanks for visiting - will say 'hello' over at your gaffe!