Sunday, 20 February 2011

21. Silent Sunday: Wearing Mummy's Vintage Party Frocks


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Both your girls and the frocks.
    Lovely to hear from you at mine, have put you on my blog roll so I will remember to stop by.
    Thanks for having a good look round and for asking after me. I'm doing good thanks, some mad, sad moments but taking it in my stride.
    Hope you are well?

  2. Thanks for stopping by too. Finally got the Silent Sunday badge up so I feel very professional (am a bit slow off the mark with this blogging lark - unlike so many that seem to be pros - like yourself - in a matter of months!). Work always gets in the way. Such a shame. Will pop by again soon. x

  3. SO, SOOOOOOO cute! (x 1000 exclamation marks) I wish I could get hold of some of my childhood outfits from the 70s but sadly I think they've gone with the winds of time... a yellow polyester halterneck bellbottomed jumpsuit in particular springs to mind, though it's more cringetastic than vintage chic! Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls! x

  4. There was enough cringetastic stuff as well I assure you, but that all went in black bags! x