Sunday, 12 June 2011

Then they were Two: It's Official

I am now in charge of two 2 year-olds.  The Tank and Magpie can be divine little cherubs one minute, and gross satanic monsters the next.  But at their birthday party last Sunday held in their Grandmother's garden, they were as good as gold, despite the washout - dashing around in vintage frocks (read: my own unworn party dresses) in pouring rain, having the sugar-fuelled time of their lives.  A marquee was acquired after a last-minute dash to Homebase.

Cousin Teddy's amazing mother has her first ever go at decorating birthday cakes, which were gooey and gorgeous, despite being wheat-free for me (marshmallow and buttermilk were the secret ingredients)


After the rain comes cake frenzy (look at those desperate hands)
Three sisters (I'm the deranged one in the rain-soaked hat) help the birthday girls to cut (and eat a lot of) cake

Duck-obsessed girls eat iced ducks
...and more ducks
Big Daddy keeps an eye on marquee roof leakage while Magpie is already soaked

Cake carnage

Luisa, maker of the creamiest, yummiest cakes ever, my mother GA (short for Grandma) and Magpie
Me looking a tad eccentric in hat and shades and JJ, friend and toddler-whisperer extraordinaire

Chief toddler whisperer Phoebe (far right) with Alice and twins Archie and Eliza.  The Tank takes a juice break  (far left)
A sneaky hot dog

A push by cousin Joe
Sisterly love on the actual Big Day
As above
Mapie, Purdey and cousin Teddy
The Tank, Magpie and the super-cute, ever-patient, cousin Teddy


  1. Happy birthday Tank and Magpie! Beautiful cakes, beautiful pictures, my what a happy crowd. Looks like the perfect party, rain and all, in your gigantic London garden :)

    And super-cool hat by the way mama - suits you.

    But speaking of gross satanic monsters, gotta run and put out a few fires...wish me luck...

  2. It's my mum's place - our garden is big but not THAT big. Yes I feel very comfortable in hats even if I look eccentric - seeing as I was to-ing and fro-ing from the garden to the house it was quite sensible!